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Person Centred Planning

Community Living Belleville and Area prides itself in providing individualized and self-directed planning for people receiving support. The organization is committed to using the internationally recognized Personal Outcome Measures(SM) to learn from people about their goals, dreams, hopes and desires. We then embark on a planning process that incorporates the methodologies of Essential Lifestyle Planning and Person Centred Thinking to assist people in reaching those goals and dreams.

Personal Outcome Measures (SM)

Adapted from Quality Measures 2005 (SM) CQL Accreditation An Integrated Approach to Quality

The Personal Outcome Measures(SM) are a powerful tool for evaluating personal quality of life and the degree to which organizations individualize supports to facilitate outcomes. People define outcomes for themselves. The outcomes are non-prescriptive; they have no norms. Each person is a sample of one. We all define friendship, health or respect uniquely. Thus, the meaning and definition of Personal Outcome items will vary from person to person. An organization can only design and provide the needed supports after it figures out how the person defines his or her outcomes.

Personal Outcomes are important because they put listening to and learning from the person at the centre of organizational life. Personal Outcome Measures(SM) enable us to learn about people in new and different ways. They provide a guide to person-directed planning. Personal Outcome Measures(SM) enable organizations to identify people's priorities. Knowing about people's priority outcomes directs planning efforts.

Personal Outcome Measures(SM) 2005 Edition had identified 21 outcomes (Indicators) that are grouped in the following three Factors:

  • My Self - Who I am as a result of my unique heredity, life experiences and decisions.
  • My World - Where I work, live, socialize, belong and connect.
  • My Dreams - How I want my life (self and world) to be.

Essential Lifestyle Planning

Adapted from an article by Michael Smull and Susan Burke Harrison

Essential Lifestyle Planning is a guided process for learning how someone wants to live and for developing a plan to help make it happen. It's also:

  • A snapshot of how someone wants to live today, serving as a blueprint for how to support someone tomorrow;
  • A way of organizing and communicating what is important to a person in "user friendly" plain language;
  • A flexible process that can be used in combination with other person centred planning techniques; and
  • A way of making sure that the person is heard, regardless of the severity of his or her disability.

For more information on the planning process, Personal Outcome Measures(SM) and Essential Lifestyle Planning as they relate to Community Living Belleville and Area, please contact:

Hilary Tugwood
Lead, Person Directed Planning & Quality Enhancement
613.969.7407, Ext. 36

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