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It is in the experiencing of what we are involved in, and when we are involved in experiencing, we are connecting.

This calendar is developed for people supported by Community Living Belleville and Area.  If a community member wishes to participate in the events in this calendar, that person would be responsible for their own support, cost and transportation for the activities.  AS THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, PLEASE ENSURE YOU REVIEW THE CALENDAR AGAIN THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH.

It is important that Community Living Belleville and Area receives the request two weeks prior to the event to ensure there would be sufficient supplies and so that the event can run smoothly.  Please fax your calendars to 613.969.7775.  If there is a problem with the selections you will be notified.  If you are unable to attend, please call to cancel so we can let the people who wanted to come know there is now space available.

Click here for the printable Calendar

July 2024
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