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For Families

Host Family Homes: 

Host Family Home Providers, support a person with an intellectual disability (18 years of age and over) to live in their home in a manner that mirrors the concept of a natural family. This involves creating an environment that prioritizes warmth, inclusion, and a sense of belonging. 

Careful planning and consideration go into matching the person based upon interests, compatibility and location. This type of supported living arrangement promotes person centred care and enhances social inclusion within the community. 

Community Living Belleville and Area provide Home Providers with financial remuneration, training and ongoing support. 

For further information, please contact:

Sherry Diamond

Manager, Child and Family Services 

613-969-7407, ext. 62


Associate Family Homes:

CLBA provides opportunities for individuals, families and/or couples to open their home to a child with an intellectual disability. This type of supportive living arrangement creates an inclusive environment where the child becomes an integral part of the family and supports are tailored to meet the child’s specific developmental needs. 

Associate Family Home Providers work collaboratively with all professionals involved in the child’s care, such as therapists, educators and healthcare providers. This ensures a comprehensive and coordinated approach to support, enabling the child to grow and thrive! 

Community Living Belleville and Area provides Home Providers with financial remunerations, training and ongoing support. 


Associate Family Home Respite:

These family home providers offer short term respite to the child, youth or adults who are residing in an Associate Family Home. Community Living Belleville and Area provides financial remuneration, training and ongoing support.

If you are looking for an opportunity to open your home to a child, youth or adult with an intellectual disability; to provide a caring family atmosphere, or for more information about Associate Family Homes, please contact:

Sherry Diamond

Manager, Child and Family Services 

613-969-7407, ext. 62


Transition To A Home Of Our Own:

As participants, people with intellectual disabilities who are currently living in their family home or in a staffed community home will be provided with the experience and skills needed to live as independently as possible. 

This real-life experience will be provided in a local community apartment setting which participants are encouraged to treat as their own place.

  • Participants are introduced to an apartment living situation away from their family home in a safe manner, allowing them to explore future possibilities. 

  • Participants identify their own goals and aspirations with the support of a specially trained coordinator.

  • The coordinator–through close observation–teaches and facilitates all activities the person will need to live more independently or on their own.

  • At the end of their learning experience, individuals and families will have an objective report from the coordinator identifying skills and abilities they can continue to develop as well as what supports they will need to have in place to succeed with living independently.

  • Participants and their families will work with the coordinator to develop an experiential stay schedule that meets the participant’s needs and provides optimal learning.

Those interested in applying to participate in the Transition To A Home Of Our Own service can contact the case worker through their lead agency. The application will be completed with the transition service request and submitted to the local Pressures and Priorities table. 

Applicants can purchase this service through Passport Funding.   

Those interested who do not have a lead agency can contact Community Living Belleville to request an application. 

For more information, please contact:

Sherry Diamond

Manager, Child and Family Services

613-969-7407, ext. 62